How can my emotions help me?

How can my emotions help me?

Society makes us feel bad about emotions. It teaches us to suppress them. Blocking emotions leads to anxiety, depression, other psychological problems, but also to problems in relationships. On all levels, in personal and professional life. Their existence has its justification, they are a huge SOURCE for our life.

The following topics will be covered at the workshop:

  • Since we cannot „detect“ emotions, we need to be able to „experience“ them
  • We will try to guide you through them, your own inner world
  • The working tool for getting to know them is the Triangle of Change

The Triangle of Change was created by Hilary Jacobs Hendel and works for everyone across cultures. The triangle is a plan to return to peace and balance. Everyone can work with the Triangle to feel better.

Lecturers: Alena Hrčková & Igor Kundrát