Are your trades really profitable?

Are your trades really profitable?

If every order of yours should be profitable, then how is it possible that this is not reflected in the year-end financial result? We encounter the fact that companies sell and preliminarily calculate profitability from direct costs (material, purchase price). However, at the end of the year, they are often surprised that the financial result is different from what they expected.

The reason is insufficient mapping of indirect costs (service processes) and insufficient reflection of the work of employees in the price of products and services.

Come and see how easy we can help you:

  • Keep these indirect costs under control
  • Know what your employees are working on and how it moves the company forward
  • Make decisions based on facts (and not feelings)

Lecturers: Andrijana Adámek, Ivan Šajban, Viktor Oravec, Eva Mačaiová