Kurt Kramess

Kurt Kramess

A native of Weinviertel, Austria, it took him out into the wide world at the age of 25, and he returned with three claims to his private and professional life in his luggage: passion, meaning and creativity.

As a trained engineer, Kurt comes from a technical background, where he also completed professional training in the field of civil engineering. He finished his studies with a qualification exam as a construction master.

Already during his first position as a construction manager in a large German construction company, he put his entrepreneurial spirit into practice and with his start-up POP UP Schmiede developed a pop-up and event container der.kurtl. The solution for events, which is unique in Austria and characterized by a wide range of possibilities of use, great functionality and individual design options, also attracted well-known customers such as Bank Austria, Hitradio Ö3, Eskimo and many others.

Currently, Kurt is testing his experience from the establishment of his first company in the establishment of the second company METALL ZEIT. With his team, they combine traditional metal craftsmanship with modern technologies. They establish contemporary design in the world of construction to create new enthusiasm and bring new paths with style.

METALL ZEIT is also a new path for Kurt's family company Krameß Metallbau, which is experiencing digitization and future-oriented modernization. In the near future, he is going to take over his father's company and continue to run it with pride.

The values of his new company describe the way he works and thinks. Optimism, meaningfulness, focus on strength, passion and creativity accompany him every day, and for him, these are the values that make today's workplace a workplace that he enjoys and fulfills.