Roman Wieczorek

Roman Wieczorek

In 1980, Roman graduated from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland majoring in law. In the years 1983-86, he completed training as a legal advisor and obtained the title of legal advisor. He started his managerial work in 1998. Until then, he had gained work experience in public administration – central and local state administration, as well as running his own law firm.

A significant part of his professional career was connected with one of the largest construction and development companies in the world, the Swedish concern Skanska. In the years when he was active there, Skanska’s sales reached EUR 15 billion a year and the company employed more than 50,000 employees on several continents.

During the 18 years of this cooperation, he held various managerial positions. Roman was a chairman of the board of Skanska in Poland, chairman of the board of Skanska Czech Republic and Slovakia, as the first and only Pole, and a vice chairman of the board of Skanska Global, based in Stockholm.

In 2016, he ended his very operative managerial activity. Today, sharing his professional and life experiences, he acts as a business consultant, mentor, lecturer and speaker. He also cooperates with universities, companies, foundations, works in their various advisory or control bodies.

He is interested in: leadership based on universal values, building the organizational culture of companies, implementing a broadly understood change process, education taking into account the changing needs and competencies of modern reality, individual development of people with managerial ambitions.