Johannes Gutmann - speaker at MKRF2024 - Medzinárodný kongres rodinnych firiem

Johannes Gutmann – speaker at MKRF2024

Johannes Gutmann

Founder, CEO a visionary of the family business Sonnentor

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Johannes Gutmann was born on a farm in Waldviertel region in Austria, located near the Czech border, in 1965, where he soon discovered his passion for nature and herbs. After finishing commercial academy he started to study commercial science in Vienna. After two weeks he decided to come back to his roots in Waldviertel.

Taking over the Gutmann family farm was out of the question for Johannes. He wanted to take new paths that would benefit not only him but also the whole region, especially the first organic farmers who fought for their economic survival.

So the unemployed 23-year-old Johannes Gutmann started to distribute regional organic herbal teas under a traditional symbol of freedom for farmers – the sun on doors with its 24 rays. As a one-man company, he traveled from farmer’s market to farmer’s market, selling his herbs. Soon, he became well known, not just because of his successful organic products, but also because of his traditional leather pants and round red glasses. More and more growers wanted to be part of this idea of cooperation and sustainability in a direct and fair way.

Today, around 80 organic farmers in Austria and Germany work together with SONNENTOR and there are many more around the world. Through the cooperation with SONNENTOR, around 1.000 families earn a livelihood worldwide. Approximately 550 people have found work and meaningful employment at SONNENTOR in Austria, the Czech Republic and Romania. Live and let live, mutual respect and appreciation, fruitful cooperation – these are important values of the philosophy of SONNENTOR.